Tama RW200
R 1399.00
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The first timekeeper designed specifically for the band's timekeeper, TAMA's Rhythm Watch has everything a drummer needs to make sure they stay on tempo-live and in the studio. Like the original Rhythm Watch, the RW200 features plenty of volume to use while playing real drums, a dial for quick tempo adjustments, separate volumes for quarter notes, eighths and triplets, but now features a large, easy to read backlit display, a more durable housing and keypad, and even more memory for pattern storage.

Tempo dial to allow quick adjustment
Different note, adjustable volume of beat head independently superior to
Visibility, backlit liquid crystal display
2 types of click sounds can be selected the tempo
LED lighting eyes can be measured
Beat the count can be up to 9 meter
Auto power-off function
30 types of tempo and beat (time signature) the memory possible program features
Program number that can be selected by uP / DOWN out at the time of live
Songs at the time, to support the tempo and time signature, equipped with a stage mode
equipped with tap function to measure the tempo of the range of = 30-250 / min.

Metronome for Drummer with Backlit Display, 30 Memory Settings, 9 Different Beat Divisions, 35-250 BPM Support, and Beat Division Volume Controls.