Boundary Microphones
AKG CBL410 White
R 1419.00
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The CBL410 PCC is a microphone for use with any PC or laptop. It improves audio quality when conferencing via VoIP. The microphone reproduces the voice with a clear and natural sound. With its 3.5mm stereo jack, it is a real plug-and-play device. No drivers are needed.
Its cascading capability makes the CBL410 PCC the perfect tool for single-person usage in the office and/or for multiperson usage in a meeting room. This microphone provides optimum intelligibility and audio quality for your meetings.

Table microphone set for Internet phone calls and video conferencing
Optimum speech intelligibility by slight frequency increase in the height range
The spherical pattern provides a balanced sound
For video / teleconferences with multiple interlocutors, up to 5 microphones combine
USB audio adapter saves tedious install special driver software (Plug'n'play).
Plug and play Boundary Layer mic, cascadable - White