Power Adapters
R 1252.00
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Feeds all Modular Plus Series capsules, for highest flexibility
RFI Shield technology provides high immunity to radio frequency inteference
Accepts 9-52V input for almost any available mixer inputs
Switchable bass roll-off for reduction of body noise and proximity effect
Highly reliable contacts to mounting modules prevent contact problems and ensure extra-long life


Bass Filter: 150Hz
Impedance: <600 ohms
Recommended Load Impedance: >2000 Ohms
Supply Voltage: 15-52V
Power Requirement: 3.5mA
Connector: 3-Pin XLR
Dimension: Diameter 0.75" (19.2mm), height 2.58" (65.5mm)
Net Weight: 1.51 oz. (43g)
Phantompower adapter - 3 pin XLR