R 2299.00
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256 Presets divided into 16 effects programms with 16 variations each
Suitable for studio and live applications
52-Bit DSP
Effects: Tremolo, Chorus, Flange, thomann Delay, Plate, Tape, Spring, Reverb and Mix Program
Adjustable effects intensity
Adjustable knob for in-/output
Stereo inputs automatically switch to mono mode when there is a signal only in the left channel
Short signal paths
Signal/Clip LED for visual monitoring
Robust processes are reliable for daily stage applications
Bypass effect possible with separately sold foot thomann switch
1 U
6.3 mm Jack connectors
Dimensions (W x D x H) approx. 197 x 131 x 44 mm
Weight: 0.76 kg.
Color your sound with 256 rich Alesis DSP programs. 16 programs, 16 variations each, 256 presets. Rugged, compact design, Bypass control with footswitch, sold separately Adjustable input and output.