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JD Media PA 1000DP
R 11891.00
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PA-1000DP - Power Amplifier Public Address 1-channel 100W / RMS. Output 50V / 70V / 100V. Toroidal transformer, fan, delayed ignition protection against overheating and short circuits. Line inputs and balanced priority. Volume control and LED displays for power, signal, clip / peak, protection.


power amplifier Public Address 1-channel 1000W / RMS
Supply with toroidal transformer and delayed ignition
Fans, Thermal protection
Getting remote start (Standy / on) or relay contact closure
Frequency Response 35Hz - 20kHz
S / N> 100dB
balanced line input 0dB / 0.775mV 60 Ohms by Euro 3 pin plug connector
symmetrical priority input 0dB / 0.775V, 60 Ohms by Euro 3 pin plug connector
Connection / speaker output Public Address 50V / 70V / 100V
emergency power connection DC 24V / 57A
Dimensions 19 "/ 3U x L483mm x H133mm P380mm
Weight 25 kg
1000w Power Amp