Drums & Percussion
DB Percussion DB52-114-MBL
R 5099.00
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Bass: 22' 12 Lugs
Floor Tom: 16' 10 Lugs
Tom1: 13' 10 Lugs
Tom2: 12' 10 Lugs
Snare: 14' 6 Lugs
Hardware and Accessories:
DHS-213 Hi-Hat Stand
DSS-213B Snare Stand
DCS-213 Cymbal Stand
DPD-112 Bass Drum Pedal
DTR-116 Throne
DLP Lugs
DTTH-7 Tom Tom Holder
DBL-04 Bass Drum Leg
DFL-01 Floor Tom Leg
DB 5piece Drum Kit + Cymbals + Throne.