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Roland FR-1X BK
R 20246.00
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V-Accordions have revolutionized the music world, and Roland has dedicated itself to the ongoing development of these amazing instruments. The FR-1x series is the newest addition to the famous V-Accordion family. These compact, lightweight models offer the same flexibility and portability as their popular FR-1 predecessors, but add significant features, including USB functionality and advanced bellows-pressure circuitry for enhanced sensitivity and precision. With new-generation speakers onboard and an expanded 7-segment/3-character display, the FR-1x piano-type and FR-1xb button-type set a powerful standard for a small lightweight accordion.


Right hand
・ 26 Keys velocity sensitive (starting at B key)

Left hand
・ 72 bass buttons velocity sensitive

Bass & Chord modes
・ 2 Bs Rows, 3 Bs Rows A-7th, 3 Bs Rows A-5dim, 3 Bs Rows B-7th, 3 Bs Rows B-5dim, 3 Bs Rows Bx-7th , 3 Bs Rows Belgium

Free Bass modes
・ Minor 3rd (37 notes Eb-Eb), Bajan (37 notes D-D), Fifth (36 notes C-C), North Europe (37 notes D-C#), Finnish (37 notes D-D)

・ New pressure sensor for better sensitivity and Advanced Physical Behaviour Modelling such as detection of bellows opening/closing, Bellows Resistant Regulator wheel with fine adjustment

Bellows curve
・ Fixed Low, Fixed Med, Fixed High, X-Light, Light, Standard, Heavy, X-Heavy


Max. polyphony
・ 128 voices

Tones (Accordion Set)
・ 16 Accordion Sets (including 4 User Sets), each one including: 14 Treble Registers, 7 Bass/Chord registers, 7 Free Bass registers, 7 Orchestra Free Bass registers, 7 Orchestra Bass registers, 7 Orchestra Chord registers

Reed Footages
・ 7 Treble, 5 Bass, 3 Chord, 2 Free Bass

Additional sounds
・ Uploadable from USB memory and saved on 4 User sets


Orchestral sounds
・ Strings, JazzScat1, JazzDoos, Str&Choir, Twin Trump, Trombone, FrenchHorn, Brass, Flute1, Tenor Sax2, Clarinet, Oboe, Ac Piano, Ac Guitar, Mandolin, HarpsStr

Organ sounds
・ Jazz Slow/Fast, Latin Slow/Fast, HousPerc Slow/Fast, Theatre Slow/Fast

Orchestral Bass sounds
・ Acoustic, Fingered, Bowed, Jazz Pedal VTW, Tuba Mix, Tuba, Fretless

Orchestral Chord sounds
Strings, JazzDoos, Jazz VTW, R&B VTW, Steel Gtr, Ac Guitar, Ac Piano

Orchestral Free Bass sounds
・ Strings, JazzDoos, Jazz VTW, Clarinet, Ac Guitar, Ac Piano, Oboe


・ Stopping-reed growl, Closing valve noise, Left button noise

Individual Reed Simulation
・ Hysteresis threshold, Expression curve, Pressure variant filter, Pressure variant pitch deviation

Switching Reed Sound Wav
・ By bellows acceleration, by note repetition speed

Bellows opening/closing sound change
・ By bellows opening/closing detection


Micro-Tuning Presets
・ 16 Types: Off, Dry, Classic, F-Folk, American L/H, North Europe, German L/H, D-Folk L/H, Alpine, Italian L/H, French, Scottish


Reverb/Chorus 8 types
・ 8 types

Rotary for Organ sound
・ Slow/Fast


Knob controls & Registers
・ Volume, 4x Treble/Orchestra/Organ + Set

Other switches
・ Drum On/Off, Orchestra On/Off, Organ On/Off, Free Bass On/Off, Orchestra Bass On/Off, Orchestra Chord/Free Bass On/Off, User Programs On/Off, Wave/MP3 player: Reset/Stop, Play/Pause, Power


User Programs
・ 8 memories

Orchestra/Organ mode
・ Solo, Dual

・ Down, 0, Up for Treble, Orchestra/Organ

・ On/Off

Bass&Chord with drum/percussion sounds
・ On/Off for Bass/Orch Bass 2 rows, Chord/Orchestra Chord 4 rows

Audio Player
・ mp3/Wave player from USB memory

Bass to Treble mode
・ On/Off


・ 7 segments, 3 characters (LED)

Rated Power Output
・ 7 W x 2

・ 9 cm x 2

Wave Expansion
・ 2 internal areas (8 MB each) to load new sounds

Power supply
・ AC adaptor (included)
・ Batteries (not included) AA-type rechargeable Ni-MH x 8

Expected battery life under continuous use
・ 5-hours (speaker ON mode)
・ 8-hours (speaker OFF mode)
*With using Ni-MH 2000mAh batteries

Onboard Connectors
・ OUTPUT jacks L/Mono (Treble), R/Mono (Bass): 1/4" phone type
・ PHONES jack: 1/4" phone type
・ MIDI OUT connector
・ USB MEMORY connector type A
・ USB COMPUTER connector type B
・ DC IN connector

Colour variation
・ Black, Red

・ AC Adaptor, Power cord (for connecting the AC adaptor) Owner’s Manual, Reference caps for the bass buttons, Straps, Strip for securing the adapter, MIDI and/or audio cables

Options (sold separately)
Accordion soft bag, USB Flash memory (M-UF-series), Audio-Midi cable(AMC-3), Music Rest and Throne (AAP-1), Headphones (RH-200, RH-300)
V-Accordion (BLACK)