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Phase makes DJing with turntables not only an easy experience but a better one

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Phase offers the most powerful and reliable setup for all turntable DJs. Mix without needles and get back control of your performance. Compatible with any DVS DJ software.

Thousands of DJs are using Phase all over the world on a daily basis.
By switching to Phase:

You’ll enjoy the best stability with turntables no matter the stage.
Phase sensors are completely insensitive to any type of rumble or vibrations.

You’ll be able to use any turntable setup.
Phase is compatible with any DVS-friendly DJ software: Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, djay etc.

You’ll partake in a unique experience that revolutionized DJing.
Mixing, scratching, or beat juggling, Phase tracks any movements, much faster than a standard timecode setup.

You could save money from needles with a gear that lasts.
Phase is an evolving product thanks to firmware updates, it will never go obsolete.

Why you should use Phase?

From day one, we’ve been working closely with DJs all over the world to create a product that fulfills their needs as turntable DJs, in terms of accuracy and stability, like nothing else in the industry. Thanks to their help and feedback, Phase has become much more than just replacing needles.


You will enjoy the best stabilitywith your turntables no matterthe stage.

Jumping crowd is cool, but jumping needle? Not so much!
We made sure that the Phase Remotes would be completely insensitive to any type of disturbances to offer the most reliable and stable setup for DJs.


You will enjoy a top-notchaccuracy, faster than any otherDJ setup.

With an overall latency chain of less than 5ms, Phase technology has been designed to be much faster than a standard timecode setup. Whether you prefer mixing, scratching, or beat juggling, even your slowest movements are detected by the Remotes thanks to very precise tracking gyroscopes.


You will save money by buyinga long-lasting gear.

Between changing the needles every 2-3 months, buying timecode vinyl, maintaining turntables, cables, and so on, it can quickly represent a substantial budget for DJs who perform regularly. You buy Phase once, you keep it for years. We made sure we could keep updating it, adding new features and improvements via firmware upgrades without the need of purchasing a new one.


This pack includes everything you need to start using Phase: - 2 Phase Remotes, - 1 Phase Receiver, - 1 USB cable, - 2 RCA cables, - and 4 Magnetic stickers.
- Robust and high-quality aluminum built. - Up to 10 hour battery life per Remote after 2 hours of charge (5V). - Standard lithium-ion batteries with a cycle of 10 years of use. - Allows controlling 2 decks simultaneously. - Customizable LED with a wide range of color and gradients. - Patented radio protocol of communication that ensures a seamless signal quality in any situation. - The maximum distance between Phase Receiver and Remotes for the best control: up to 2 meters.
Manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years We will handle all replacement or repair of your product up to two years after your purchase in case of damage due to the wear and tear. However, if your product is faulty, we take 100% charge of replacing it no matter the purchase date.

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Dimensions 25 × 30 × 10 cm

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